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The Herbal Foundations Immersion Program

Do you believe herbalism can give you lifetime of health empowerment? 

Herbal concepts can be life-changing when you learn how to apply them to your daily lives. For thousands of years, botanicals were used to improve people’s lives, but these concepts are fading away in modern times.

Fortunately, passionate herbalists are still left to carry on the tradition with remedies to common problems most people simply aren’t aware of.

With an overwhelming amount of information available to us online, it can be hard to tell what herbs could benefit your life. Or what information is accurate or not…

Finding the right information was what allowed me to start my own journey into herbalism 20 years ago.

Once I had finally learned to use herbs properly and make my own herbal medicine,  my friends and family wanted to get advice because they noticed the changes. Herbs can help you overcome common issues like lack of energy, lack of focus, and some even help support healthy skin.

What You Will Learn

Now that I’ve experienced the benefits of herbs myself for 20 years, it’s time to give back to the community and teach the foundational elements of herbalism in a simple to understand online course.

Building Herbal Foundation

If you feel overwhelmed with all the aspects of herbalism or just want a deeper understanding, you need to build a foundation to grow from. On this journey into herbalism, you start with a foundation course that teaches you naming systems, storage methods, how to properly dose herbs, and more. To get started with anything, you need a solid foundation before getting into the more advanced concepts to get the most out of it.

Making Herbal Medicine

Once you establish the building blocks to herbalism, you can move into more fun subjects like Medicine Making that apply your new knowledge to practical solutions. You can learn how to make infusions, tinctures, extraction methods, and so much more. You will start to see the benefits and endless possibilities with botanical solutions. Learning safe handling and good practices saves you from making mistakes when working with herbal solutions.

What Herbs Do

The next lessons dive into modern herbalism, standard terms used, and then move into the “A-Z Herbal Action Steps.”
That teaches you what herbs do, and how it affects the body. This is where you start to refine your approach to herbal solutions and understand how to correctly pick what herbs to use.

Grow Herbal Medicine

No herbalist is genuinely self-sufficient without the ability to grow their own botanicals. That’s why after you master the use and concepts, I also teach you how to grow your own herbal medicines in a variety of spaces. You can learn what grows in pots, small gardens, or even large fields and figure out what plants you can grow yourself to use!


This course is a transformative journey that takes you from any skill level to an educated, certified herbalist ready to tackle life’s problems.

When you find these “lost” remedies our ancestors used for thousands of years, it is eye-opening on the possibilities for improving our own lives. All it takes is one hour a week over six months to transform your understanding of herbalism. Once you get started, week by week, you will notice the changes in how you think about using herbs to solve problems naturally.

With Herbal Foundations Online Immersion you will…. 

  1. Stop second guessing yourself and get stuck online rabbit holes of information.. Understand the language of herbalism and implement it into your life 🤔….
  2. Start healing your body without side effects and big Pharma 😖You will be able to successfully make herbal formulas like infusions, salves, syrups and tinctures to use as medicine… 
  3. End the confusion of how to take the correct dose of an herbal formula, and get all the available positive effects you want from your herbal formula 🙌🏼
  4. Stop feeling helpless when your friends and family need health support 🍃 Confidently be able to implement herbal support formulas and help them heal naturally❤️….
  5. You will never have to second guess yourself around herbal laws and regulations again! Understand the legalities around herbal practices…
  6. Never again feel powerless during a global pandemic, learn how to support your immune system, lungs 🫁 and prevent illness…
  7. End the mystery of plant identification 🕵🏼‍♂️ Learn to identify 50 different medicinal plants 🌿…  
  8. Be a positive effect on the climate 🌎… Utilize the plant resources right outside your door..  Learn to grow herbs, and make them into effective herbal medicine ✨…


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Program Details

Have you ever asked yourself what are Latin names? What are herbal energetics? Or what is the proper dose for my tincture? How do I store my herbs so they stay effective? What is an herbal constituent?

This section breaks down all of this and more 🌿

✔️ Access to 12 herbal instructional videos

✔️ Herbal Terminology

✔️ Energetics

✔️ Dosages of tinctures, teas, infusions

✔️ Storage of herbs & Herbal Constituents

✔️ Regulations and Laws

✔️ Herbal Contraindications

✔️ 4 Foundational Elements of Herbalism

Medicine Making & Solvency 101
This part of the course focuses on one of the most important concepts in herbalism – medicine making and solvency and includes 17 in-depth classes focusing on learning how to make potent, effective herbal remedies.

✔️ Access to 17 herbal instructional videos

✔️ Herbal Terminology

✔️ Solvency/ Herbal Constituents

✔️ Making Herbal Tinctures with alcohol and glycerin

✔️ Storage of herbs & Herbal Constituents

✔️ Regulations and Laws

✔️ Herbal Contraindications

✔️ 4 Foundational Elements of Herbalism

A complete essential guide to understanding the modern language of herbalism. Understanding herbal actions are akin to learning the alphabet before learning to read. From the foundational actions like Tonics, Adaptogens and Nervines to the action terms that are used in western medicine, like Diuretics, Analgesics, Diaphoretics and more.

✔️ Herbal Constituents

✔️ Herbal First Aid

✔️ Access to 20 herbal instructional videos

✔️ Over 20 Herbal Actions Covered

✔️  Poultices, Compresses & Linaments

✔️ Extracting with Oils/Salve Making

✔️ Herbal Syrups

✔️  Vinegar Based Extracts 

✔️ Extracting with Honey


Growing Herbs for Medicine Mary will take you through the growing season on her herb farm in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Follow along with your own harvests and independent herbal projects.

✔️ Herb growing practices – Planting with the phases of the moon

✔️ Access to 16 herbal videos

✔️ Plant Profiles – 20 herbs and how they are grown and used & folklore

✔️ Seed Starting, Harvest & Drying Herbs

✔️ Sacred Smoke Sticks

✔️ Compost/ Soil Building/ Soil Health

✔️ Woodland Plants and Trees

✔️ Spring Harvest / Methods

✔️ Wildcrafting

✔️ Summer Solstice Plant Walk

✔️ Preparing Garden for Winter


Your Herbal Toolbox – follow the medicine and create an herbal toolbox through this section! Detailed video & notes on over 50 medicinal plants growing on Mary’s herbal farm.

✔️ 3 Seasonal Plant Walks

✔️ Recipe for medicinal uses

✔️ Plant overview – Best Extraction Methods for each plant 30 Individual Plant Profiles

✔️ Herbal Action Overview of each plant

✔️ Access to 15 herbal instructional videos filmed
on Mary’s beautiful farm Herbal Action

What students are saying about the program:


"I came to Mary's classes as a young professional struggling through a transition. I had dedicated my educational pursuits to preparing for a career in conventional medicine and I had come to conclude that my heart was tugging me in a different direction. I had the opportunity to study with Mary and I knew from that point on why I had been redirected to studying herbal medicine. I found a new life path, and the confidence to make herbal products, recommend herbs to my friends and family AND community of people coming from all sorts of backgrounds, who were invested not only in the plants but in building community. I found plants, people, and communal support."
D'Andre Quinerly


"Taking courses with Mary is an invaluable and gingery experience. I’ve learned how to recognize herbs and how these herbs support the healing process, and this knowledge has allowed me to look at the natural world with capable and tender eyes. If you have the pleasure of working in or visiting the herb farm, you’ll watch the cycle of herb life and be opened to the world of plants and their talents. Moreover, you will be guided into this herbal world through a qualified and compassionate teacher. Mary is the perfect teacher: she has breadth and depth of herbal knowledge, passes on this knowledge with generosity, and has a fiercely compassionate heart. She’s funny as hell and has the just-slight-of-center teaching style that makes learning worthwhile, fascinating and just plain remarkable."
Rosanna Kozlowski

When you find these “lost” remedies our ancestors used for thousands of years, it is eye-opening on the possibilities for improving our own lives. All it takes is one hour a week over six months to transform your understanding of herbalism. Once you get started, week by week, you will notice the changes in how you think about using herbs to solve problems naturally.

Learning Herbalism Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult, Inconvenient, or Expensive.

With Mary Blue Herbal Foundations Immersion Program, you can watch on your own time and never be pressured to turn in homework. Using a proven framework for learning with an emphasis on understanding how to use herbs can help improve your lives and others.

Understanding natural remedies will help you find holistic solutions to common problems many face with the modern lifestyle. It is essential you have access to guides and knowledge rooted in experience. With my 20 years of learning, I’ve gathered a lot of knowledge to share with aspiring herbalists.

If you feel stuck in your journey and just don’t know where to begin, save yourself time and mistakes by learning from experience. When learning herbalism, you are helping carry on a timeless tradition while gaining natural benefits for yourself.

When you commit to learning, you support your health, have alternative solutions, and empower yourself to connect deeper with your natural roots.

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Become AN Herbalist

With over 1000 students from all over the globe participating in this program AND LOVING IT, I am 100% confident you will love it, that I have a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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