🌿Herbal Foundations Online  with Mary Blue🌿

Imagine healthcare without costly prescriptions and side effects...Use herbs to take back your health, your family's health & connect with nature
Herbal Foundations Online includes:

✔️Pre-recorded classes-
Watch when you can, on your own time🕠
✔️No homework to hand in 📓
✔️Payment plan 👍
✔️ 1 hour a week of content for 6 months ✨
✔️Live Phone Support 📞
✔️ Money Back Guarantee-Cancel anytime
✔️ Certificate of Herbal Education 🎓

↓Full syllabus below↓

Immersion Discount 🙌🏼
Full price- $1,500, discounted to $500 

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Once you master the herbal concepts I teach.....

→You will gain a sense of connection with nature and feel empowered to heal yourself and your family...

Herbal Foundations Online Immersion

In- depth herbal education 

  • Access to 60 herbal instructional videos, detailed notes and workbook. 
  • Herbal Actions- Complete Program
  • Medicine Making- Complete Program
  • Plant Profiles- Complete Program
  • Seeds to Solvency/ Growing Herbs for Medicine- Complete Program
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Anatomy- Digestive, Immune and Nervous System
  • Tricks of the Trade- Complete Program

When you commit yourself to herbalism and really learn how to use herbs effectively,  you save money, time AND will end up  healthier through connecting with nature and taking your own health into your own hands.

Herbalism has the power to change your health and the health of our climate 🌎
Especially given the current state of the world and what we are all going through right now 😷

Section One: Tricks of the Trade

Have you ever asked yourself....

What are Latin names? What are herbal energetics?
What is the proper dose for my tincture? How do I store my herbs so they stay effective?
Is it legal for me to be an herbalist? What is an herbal constituent??

This section breaks down all of this and more 🌿 
  • Access to 12 herbal instructional videos
  • Herbal Terminology
  • Energetics
  • Dosages of tinctures, teas, infusions
  • Storage of herbs
  • Herbal Constituents
  • Regulations and Laws
  • Herbal Contraindications
  • 4 Foundational Elements of Herbalism

Section Two: Herbal Medicine Making

Medicine Making & Solvency 101
This course focuses on one of the MOST important concepts in herbalism- medicine making and solvency🌿.

 It includes 17 in-depth classes focusing on learning how to make potent, effective herbal remedies ✨.
  • Access to 17 herbal
    instructional videos
  • Herbal Terminology
  • Solvency/ Herbal
  • Making Herbal Tinctures
    with alcohol and glycerin
  • Making Herbal Infusions, Decoctions and Teas
  • Poultices, Compresses
    & Linaments
  • Extracting with Oils/
    Salve Making
  • Herbal Syrups
  • Vinegar Based Extracts
  • Extracting with Honey

Section Three: Herbal Actions 

Learn the Herbal ABC’s 🍃

A complete essential guide to
understanding the modern language of herbalism. Understanding herbal actions is akin to learning the alphabet before learning to read.

From the foundational actions like Tonics, Adaptogens and Nervines to the action terms that are used in western medicine, like Diuretics, Analgesics, Diaphoretics and more 💥

  • Over 20 Herbal Actions Covered 
  • Access to 20 herbal instructional videos
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Herbal Constituents
  • Anatomy- Digestive, Immune and Endocrine Systems
  • In depth coverage of constituents in actions, dosage and body systems each action is correlated with. 

Section Four: Seeds To Solvency

Growing Herbs for Medicine
Mary will take you through the growing season on her herb farm in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Follow along with your own harvests and independent herbal projects.
  • Herb growing practices- Planting with the phases of the moon
  • Access to 16 herbal
    instructional videos

  • Plant Profiles- 20 herbs- how they are grown and used & folklore
  • Seed Starting, Harvest & Drying Herbs
  • Compost/ Soil Building/ Soil Health 
  • Spring Harvest / Methods
  • Wildcrafting
  • Summer Solstice Plant Walk
  • Woodland Plants and Trees
  • Sacred Smoke Sticks
  • Extracting Fresh with Honey
  • Preparing Garden for Winter

Section Five: Medicinal Plant Profiles

Your Herbal Toolbox (available June 1st)

Follow the medicine and create an herbal toolbox through this section! Detailed video & notes on over 50 medicinal plants growing on Mary's herbal farm 🌸.
  • Access to 15 herbal
    instructional videos filmed
    on Mary’s beautiful farm
  • Herbal Action Overview
    of each plant
  • Best Extraction Methods
    for each plant
  • 30 Individual Plant
  • Herbal Growing Tips
  • 3 Seasonal Plant Walks
  • Recipe for medicinal uses

Program Cost Breakdown

Herbal Foundations Immersion:
✔️Normal FULL PRICE: $1,500
✔️Mary's discount- $500 total cost today 😘
✔️Live phone support-401-270-5223
✔️Herbal Certificate
✔️2 week money back guarantee
✔️20 + years herbal experience
✔️Watch on your own time
✔️An hour per week
✔️No homework to hand in 🙌🏼
✔️Payment Plan
OTHER Similar Programs: 
 ❌ Full Price- $1500-$3000
❌ No live phone support
❌ Homework to hand in
❌ Class content lacking depth/ science/ experience
❌ No money back guarantee
❌ No payment plan
❌Less organized class materials
❌More complicated than it needs to be!
❌Boring content!
❌ More emphasis on pretty pictures than actual content
❌ No money back guarantee

Class Enrollment with the discount- $500 
Full price when buying all classes individually- $1,5000 

About 20 years ago, I was at a crossroad with my herbal education.....
→There was so much conflicting information out there, I was overwhelmed with all of the aspects of herbalism I wanted to learn..and I didn't have anyone I could ask questions and get feedback from...
→ I had to work 3 jobs waitressing, landscaping and babysitting, so it was hard to find the time to fit in my herbal education...
→ I didn't have the money to put out all at once to pay for a course...
→I didn't have the confidence I need to start applying what I was learning...

I eventually found my way down the herbal path and became a successful herbalist, AND I created a program to solve all my herbal education problems from 20 years ago!

✨ The Herbal Foundations Immersion Program ✨

in a clear and concise way guiding students down a life changing path 🌈

With over 1000 students from all over the globe participating in this program AND LOVING IT, I am 100% confident you will love it, that I have a 2 week money back guarantee 💯.

What students are saying.....

Dr. Lara Gardner
"I took Mary's Herbal Foundations Program as a practicing doctor.
Herbal Foundations opened up a tool set that is not being utilized in western medicine. I have been able to support my patients with therapies that are non-toxic and non-invasive, and use herbalism as an integrative practice for my patients. I highly recommend Mary's program for anyone who wants to open a door to natural health, and connecting with nature. Mary gave me the confidence I needed to use herbal medicine with my patients, and to encourage them to take their health into their own hands, and prevent disease before it happens! 

Iesha Martinez
“I had absolutely no idea where to start. There is so much misleading information out there, especially on social media. I am so glad I took this course! I now have an understanding of the basics (and then some). Mary has paved a path of clarity and has armed me with the necessary foundational knowledge to delve confidently in my journey of herbalism. Thank you Mary for this course. I really learned a great deal and learned how very much more I need to know. I love the Herbal Foundations book and have used it frequently as a reference to gain more info to help a neighbor or answer a question on how to enhance their life with herbs. I suspect it will be my go to reference for years.”

D'Andre Quinerly
"I came to Mary's classes as a young professional struggling through a transition. I had dedicated my educational pursuits to preparing for a career in conventional medicine and I had come to conclude that my heart was tugging me in a different direction. I had the opportunity to study with Mary and I knew from that point on why I had been redirected to studying herbal medicine. I found a new life path, and the confidence to make herbal products, recommend herbs to my friends and family AND community of people coming from all sorts of backgrounds, who were invested not only in the plants but in building community. I found plants, people, and communal support."

Using herbs can change your health, your families health and the health of our climate ....

 Isn’t time to switch to a healthier way of living?

Connect with nature, heal your body and do your part to change the world!

I know introducing natural healing remedies can make a person feel pretty lost sometimes...

Believe me, I have been there before!

→You may have tried to do a "detox" to help clear your skin, but your skin is worse 😫 
→You may have used supplements to support fertility and hormone balance, but you are still not pregnant 😔
→You may have tried meditation to help with sleep and stress, but you still need coffee every morning to wake up and then the coffee makes you stressed and irritated, and then you need something to lower your stress 😡

And when you have attempted to use natural therapies, it looked a little something like this... 

  • You read a few different books and websites about other people having success using herbal remedies. So you grab all the ‘hacks’ and ‘secret methods’ you can find… And piece together an herbal recipe from a bunch of random advice…
  •  You feel like you have ENOUGH info to get started. You are committed to growing natural healing and this is how to do it. It can’t be that hard, right?

  • You go for it -make take an herbal supplement or make an herbal product, until inevitably something comes up…The supplement doesn't work, your health  or a concept or technique that trips you up, and your product comes out horrible, and you feel lost and alone 😖

I have been in your shoes...
When YOU  give your whole heart to support your health and family naturally, it can be truly devastating to realize that you don’t have all the answers!! 

Herbal Foundations is the answer!

With Herbal Foundations Online Immersion you will…. 

  1. Stop second guessing yourself and get stuck online rabbit holes of information.. Understand the language of herbalism and implement it into your life 🤔....
  2. Start healing your body without side effects and big Pharma 😖You will be able to successfully make herbal formulas like infusions, salves, syrups and tinctures to use as medicine... 
  3. End the confusion of how to take the correct dose of an herbal formula, and get all the available positive effects you want from your herbal formula 🙌🏼
  4. Stop feeling helpless when your friends and family need health support 🍃 Confidently be able to implement herbal support formulas and help them heal naturally❤️....
  5. You will never have to second guess yourself around herbal laws and regulations again! Understand the legalities around herbal practices...
  6. Never again feel powerless during a global pandemic, learn how to support your immune system, lungs 🫁 and prevent illness...
  7. End the mystery of plant identification 🕵🏼‍♂️ Learn to identify 50 different medicinal plants 🌿...  
  8. Be a positive effect on the climate 🌎... Utilize the plant resources right outside your door..  Learn to grow herbs, and make them into effective herbal medicine ✨...


Q: When will I have access to course materials?
A: As soon as you register, you will have access to the first weeks materials. Each week, you will receive course content. 

Q: Are there any live classes?
A: No, the classes are all pre-recorded

Q: How long will I have access to the program?
A: Two years guaranteed.

Q: What is the certificate I will receive?
A: There is no legal licensure or standardized education protocols among western herbal schools. Each program invents its own standards. This is not the same as receiving a “license” nor does the certificate of completion allow the certificate holder to claim they are a “certified herbalist”. The certificate of completion means that you completed this course. This does not certify you as a “master herbalist”, or even a “certified herbalist”. This program is designed to give students in-depth personal training in Western Herbalism and herbal medicine making.

Q: How to I request my money back?
Email maryblueherbalist@gmail.com. During the 6 month duration of the course, students can cancel anytime and get a refund for classes not watched. 

Q: Is there any homework or research assignments due?
No. There are suggested medicine making projects, but they are not required to be handed in. 

Q: Can I talk to someone on the phone? 
A: YES! Call 401-270-5223 to chat with an herbalist about the program or with any questions during the program.
M-F, 10 am-5 pm EST

Q: Is there a book that comes with the program?
A: A PDF copy of  Mary Blue's Herbal Foundations Workbook comes with the program.