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Mary has taught this program to over 1000 students since 2006!

You may register for classes individually or enroll for the entire course and save $500

Herbal Foundations Online Immersion

Save $500 when you enroll in the Immersion Program. 

Our most popular option for budding herbalists who want to save money, have immediate access to Herbal Foundations Immersion Program, and gain a lifetime of health and wellness! 

Have you always wondered….

How do I make a tincture? What are herbal energetics??Is it legal for me to be an herbalist??  What are herbal actions??  Can I make a living as an herbalist??  How can I grow herbs for medicine? What herbs are good for digestion? 


This is the course for you!!


Check out the 5 sections of this program below! 

Entire Course Enrollment: $1000

Enroll in the Immersion Program

  • 6 month program
  • Payment Plan
  • 1 hour per week
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Herbal Education
  • Access to 60 herbal
    instructional videos
  • Herbal Actions-
    Complete Program
  • Medicine Making-
    Complete Program
  • Tricks of the Trade-
    Complete Program
  • Growing Herbs for
    Medicine- Complete
  • 30 Plant Profiles
    Herbal First Aid
    Anatomy- Digestive,
    Immune and Nervous
  • Mary Blue’s Herbal Foundations Workbook

Section One: Tricks of the Trade

The Essentials

In this section, Mary Blue will introduce you to the essential components of modern western herbalism, and answer all of your  fundamental questions! 

How do I store my herbs so they will last longer and stay effective? 

Why do so many herbs have the same name??

What is the proper dosage of herbs for me and my family? 

What does Latin name mean? 

What are herbal constituents? Do I need to know this?? 

Get going on your herbal path with this essential program! 

Class Enrollment: $200

Enroll in Section One

  • 1 month program
  • 1 hour per week
  • Access to 12 herbal instructional videos
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Herbal Terminology
  • Energetics
  • Dosages of tinctures, teas, infusions
  • Storage of herbs
  • Herbal Constituents
  • Herbal Actions
  • Regulations and Laws
  • Herbal Contraindications

Section Two: Herbal Medicine Making

Solvency 101

This course focuses on one of the MOST important concepts in herbalism- medicine making!! It includes 17 in-depth classes focusing on learning how to make potent, effective herbal remedies! 

 Water based extractions: Infusions, decoctions, compresses

  • Alcohol based extractions: Tinctures, ligaments
  • Medicinal mushroom double extraction methods
  • Sugar based extractions: Vegetable glycerin and honey
  • Vinegar based extractions: Fire Cider and spring tonics
  • Oil based extractions: Infused oils, essential oils and salves
  • Topical application of herbs
  • Proper dosages of herbal medicine


What is holding you back from making effective herbal medicine?

Experience?  Confidence?

This section will give you all the confident you need to move forward and start healing with herbs!! I have 20 years of experience waiting for you!! 

Class Enrollment: $400

Enroll in Section Two

  • 2 month program
  • 1 hour per week
  • Access to 17 herbal
    instructional videos
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Herbal Terminology
  • Solvency/ Herbal
  • Making Herbal Tinctures
    with alcohol and glycerin
  • Making Herbal Infusions, Decoctions and Teas
  • Poultices, Compresses
    & Linaments
  • Extracting with Oils/
    Salve Making
  • Herbal Syrups
  • Vinegar Based Extracts
  • Extracting with Honey
  • Herbal Dosages

Section Three: Herbal Actions Program

Learn the Herbal ABC’s!


  • A complete essential guide to understanding the modern language of herbalism. Understanding herbal actions is akin to learning the alphabet before learning to read.
  • These foundational components of herbalism will give you a comprehensive understanding of the healing power of the plants (their actions), and be able to apply this when learning about individual herbs.
  • This course will cover herbal actions A-Z and any correlating constituents and the anatomy of the body system the actions effect.
  • From adaptogens to vulnerary, this course will set you on your path to understanding how to use herbs as medicine.

Class Enrollment: $500

Enroll in Section Three

  • 2 month program
  • 1 hour per week
  • Access to 20 herbal
    instructional videos
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Herbal Actions, A-Z
    over 20 actions covered
  • Tonics, Nervines,
    Adaptogens, Cholegogues,
    Digestive Aids,
    Emmenagogues, Pectorals
  • Herbal First Aid
  • Herbal Constituents
  • Anatomy- Digestive,
    Immune and Endocrine
  • 4 Foundational
    Elements of Western

Section Four: Seeds To Solvency

Growing Herbs for Medicine

Growing, harvesting, and making herbal medicine in pots, small gardens, or large fields with over 30 types of medicinal herbs.

Mary will take you through the growing season on her herb farm in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. Follow along with your own harvests and independent herbal projects.

  • Farming practices– Seed starting, compost tea, soil amendments, planting with the phases of the moon and soil health
  • Harvesting, drying, processing and preserving herbs.
  • Plant profiles of 20 different herbs! Growing condition, herbal actions and folklore!

Mary has been growing herbal medicine for commercial and private use for 20 years in West Greenwich, RI. 

Class Enrollment: $200

Enroll in Section Four

  • 1 month program
  • 1 hour per week
  • Access to 16 herbal
    instructional videos
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Plant Profiles
  • Seed Starting
  • Compost/ Soil Building
  • Spring Harvest / Methods
  • Wildcrafting
  • Summer Solstice Plant
  • Woodland Plants and
  • Sacred Smoke Sticks
  • Extracting Fresh with
  • Preparing Herbs for

Section Five: Medicinal Plant Profiles

Your Herbal Toolbox (available May 1st)

Follow the medicine and create an herbal toolbox through this course! Detailed video & notes on over 50 medicinal plants growing on Mary’s farm!

Each plant profile includes: 

  • Herbal Actions
  • Active constituents 
  • Solvency/ best extraction methods for medicine making
  • Growing conditions
  • Harvesting techniques
  • Recipes for use

Class Enrollment: $200

Enroll in Section Five

  • 2 month program
  • 1 hour per week
  • Access to 15 herbal
    instructional videos filmed
    on Mary’s beautiful farm
  • Live phone support
  • Beginner friendly
  • Herbal Action Overview
    of each plant
  • Best Extraction Methods
    for each plant
  • 30 Individual Plant
  • Herbal Growing Tips

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