The Many Paths of a Herbalist

Learn the In's and Out's of a Herbal Business

with world renowned
Herbalist Mary Blue

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This  video course is specifically designed to help a herbalist build their own successful herbal empire!

✔️Learn from my twenty years experience of using running an herbal business!

✔️Understand the many paths a herbalist has to choose from: Herbal products, retail store, farming, education and consultations

 ✔️Implement marketing and business practice for your success!!

✔️Whether it is leading you to family health or an herbal career, my webinar will get you started!

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What students are saying about learning from Mary...

Iesha Martinez
“Before I started the course I was overwhelmed with all of the information floating around. Herbal Foundations was broken down in a pragmatic way and taught me how and what to look at rather than just where. Example: starting with herbal actions and what you’re trying to accomplish rather than starting with herbs...
I also love the breakdown of herbal extractions and how to use herbs in the most beneficial way — which circles back to herbal actions! The course was broken down nicely. Weekly instruction was the right amount and was able to fit the coursework in with my busy schedule, work, and raising two kiddos.”

Lydia Andersen-Tarnell
I had been wanting to take Herbalism classes for some time, but work/life excuses always got in the way. Once Covid hit and my life changed in more ways than one, I decided there was no better time to take the leap, and boy I am so glad I did. The Level 1, in-person classes were truly the highlight of my summer! The classes were extremely informative, fun and so inspiring.  Since taking the class I have formed an even closer relationship to plants and mama earth, as well as reconnected to my own soul purpose and potential to heal. I intend to take Level 2 classes as soon as possible, and am looking forward to continue down my own herbal path, to see what blooms." 

Tyler Plant
“I’ve always been an amateur, aspiring family-herbalist (or possibly, one-day community herbalist) and looked to books and online research to guide me. Mary’s course gave me a much more comprehensive and approachable understanding of herbalism, especially when it comes to understanding plants’ constituents and herbal actions. It’s a great foundation and gave me the confidence to continue on with my herbal education. Thank you!”