Herbal Foundations Online
Certificate Program Details…..

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Currently enrolling for the February- June program! 

Under an hour…..

Weekly videos and detailed notes released on Mondays at 4 pm.


ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!!  You do not have to watch the vides at the time they are released. They are PRE-RECORDED and available anytime. 

6 Sections……

of in-depth Western Herbalism content (complete syllabus below). 

Receive a Certificate of Herbal Education…..

A certificate of completion! Feel confident in recommending herbs!

A copy of Mary Blue’s Herbal Foundations workbook to follow along with the videos. 


Mary has taught this program to over 1000 students since 2006! 



This program offers the student:

  • A complete overview of  Herbal Actions…  Learn the ins and outs of “herbal actions”, their correlating herbs & constituents, and an in-depth breakdown of how and when to use each herbal action. 
  • Herbal support for: Skin health, immune health, endocrine health, digestive health, respiratory health. Follow along with Mary Blues Herbal Foundation workbook.  

  • Herbal Dosages for: Average adults, elders, children, and health/herbal support for specific populations. 

  • It covers: In-depth coverage of herbal contraindications, herbal actions and herbal terminology, regulatory and legal guidelines, local plant ID, herbal first aid, dosages, and herbal body system support. 

  • The how-to of: Concepts of herbal medicine making, constituents, and solvency: the how-to of herbal decoctions/infusions, tincturing, syrups, salves, liniments, creams, poultices, infused oils, and more!

  • Phone support with trained herbalists available 6 days per week. 

THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT OFFER: group work or collaboration with other participants OR  live classes (all classes pre-recorded). 


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-Complete Syllabus-

   Section 1  

Class 1:
Four Foundational Elements of Western Herbalism
Tricks of the trade: record keeping & storage
Plant Signatures
Binomial Nomenclature

Class 2: 
Plant Constituents to know
Herbal Energetics

Class 3:
Herbal Actions 101- An overview of over 30 herbal actions and correlating herbs

Class 4:
Herbal Extraction 101
Food as Medicine

   Section 2   

Class 1
~Water Based Extractions-Infusions and Decoctions
~Herbal Action-Tonic

Class 2
~Oil based extractions: Infused Oils, Salves, Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Volatile Oils
~ Herbal Salves 101

Class 3
~Tincture Making
Glycerines, Alcohol, and Vinegar

Class 4
~Herbal Actions;
Cholagogues, Hepatics
~Endocrine system overview

   Section 3   

Class 1
~Herbal Syrups~Herbal Actions; Anodynes & Analgesics, Vulneraries, Astringents, Emollients, Styptics
~Herbal Syrups 101

Class 2
~Digestive System overview
~Herbal Actions; Carminatives, Demulcents, Ant-acids, Bitters

Class 3
~Immune System overview
~Herbal Actions; Immune Modulators/ Stimulators, Lymphatics

Class 4
~Nervous System overview

   Section 4   

Class 1
~External applications of herbs; Poultices, compresses, soaks and linaments

Class 2
~Herbal Actions and correlating herbs; Anti-microbials

Class 3
~Herbal Actions; Diaphoretic/ Febrifuge, Diuretics, Emetics, Laxatives

Class 4
~Herbal Actions; Emmenagogues

   Section 5   

Class 1
~Herbal Actions; Anti-catarrhal

Class 2
~Herbal Actions; Pectorals and Expectorants

Class 3
~Herbal Dosages- Elders, children, pregnancy and specific actions

Class 4
~Herbal First Aid


   Section 6   

Class 1
~Cultural and Political Aspects of Western Herbalism

Class 2
~5 Commandments of Herbal Contraindications

Class 3
~The Many Paths of the Herbalist; Which direction to go?
~Overview Herbal Foundations Program

Class 4
~ Legal and Regulatory Guidelines for Herbalists
Overview of Herbal Foundations Online 



This program tuition is based on sliding scale tuition……

The economic concept of sliding scale: people pay as they are able to for services, events, and items. Those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less, creating a sustainable economic underpinning for said services, events, and items.

Annual Household                   Price

$50,000 and over                        $1000

$40,000 -$50,000                         $850

$30,000-$40,000                          $750

$30,000 and under                      $500


How do I sign up for the Herbal Foundations Online Certificate Program?
Fill out the registration form.

How long will I have access to the program? 
Students will have access through the end of the following year. If your register in 2020, you will have access through 2021, ect.

Is this program live classes or recorded? 
This class is all pre-recorded. There are no live classes. If you are interested in live-in person classes, click here. 

What is the  “certificate” I will receive?
There is no legal licensure or standardized education protocols among western herbal schools. Each program invents its own standards. This is not the same as receiving a “license”  nor does the certificate of completion allow the certificate holder to claim they are a “certified herbalist”.
The certificate of completion means that you completed this course. This does not certify you as a “master herbalist”, or even a “certified herbalist” 
This program is designed to give students in-depth personal training in Western Herbalism and herbal medicine making. 

How do I apply for a scholarship? 
We offer scholarships for the following students POC, transgender, disabled and low income.  We offer 20 scholarships per session.  Check our scholarship page here. Applications are due by the end of February for the following year’s program. 

How often does the program run? 
We start a new program at the beginning of each month.  
You can sign up at any time during the month to participate in the following month’s program. 

When are the classes available online? 
Classes are released online every Monday at 4 pm for 6 months. You can watch the classes and complete the work at your leisure. 

Do I need to appear in person to complete this course? 
No. This whole program is online. 

Is there research/ writing homework due for this course? 

Is there any homework due?
The whole course is homework! 🙂 Students are encouraged to make tinctures, salves, and teas, but are not required to in order to complete the course

Is there interaction with other students or group assignments? 
There are no group assignments.  Students can post questions to the group, but it is up to the individual students how much they want to communicate with each other. 

Are there instructors available for questions?
Yes. You can call us on the phone at 401-270-5223  with as many questions as you have! 

How long are your classes, and how often do they meet?
Herbal Foundations is under an hour of videos, notes, quizzes, and discussions per week. 

Do you have a payment plan?
Not at this time. We often offer specials during one of Mary’s free videos. All payments must be paid in full by the start of the program. The program is sliding scale, and that allows for people to pay based on income

What is a sliding scale? 
The economic concept of sliding scale: people pay as they are able to for services, events, and items. Those with access to more resources pay more and thus provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less, creating a sustainable economic underpinning for said services, events, and items.

What is your refund policy?
Cancellation 2 weeks before class: full refund
Cancellation 1 week before class: 75% refund
Cancellation 1 day before class: 50% refund
Cancellation day of class/ through the first week of class: 25% refund
After one week of class: 0% refund
We have a hardship refund. Click here for details on the refund policy.

Can I do work trade?
To apply for work trade, you need to live within 100 miles of Providence, RI. Work trade needs to be completed before the hours can be used as payment. This requires pre-planning and starting your work trade 6-8 months before the program begins. Work trade for level 1 is only available between the months of April – November.  Therefore, you need to start your work trade in April to apply them to the October- March winter program. Work traders need to go through an interview, have references and have their own transportation, and live in Rhode Island. Check out our work-trade page here. 

How do I know if the program is full?
We usually keep a note on the top of this page if the program is full. If the registration link is available on this page, there is space. There are sometimes last-minute cancellations and we will have a waiting list form posted if there are cancellations. 

Can someone answer my specific questions?
Yes! Give us a call 401-270-5223. All of the folks working here have been through the programs here and are happy to answer questions.

Email us or call with any questions!




Scholarship application here