2023 In Person Herbal Programs 

Adult Herb Camp

June 25-30 2023

Join Mary Blue for a 5 day Herbal Foundations camp!  

 Check out the full description of our Herbal Foundations Level 1 program here! 

The week will consist of:

  • daily herbal lectures with Mary Blue
  • Intermediate or beginner programs
  • Herbal Foundations Level 1 Program
  • Certificate of Completion of herbal program
  • hands-on medicine making activities
  • plant id walks
  • delicious healthy meals
  • herbal games, camp fires, and community!
  • camping or indoor beds (limited indoor beds- register early to reserve)
  • exploring the local area- beaches, ponds, and forests.



Student Type
Meals included in all tuition


Indoor Lodging Price (shared rooms)

Camping  Price:

Stay Offsite Price: 




Scholarship application here

Included in price:
-Classes- Herbal Foundations Online Program/ 15 hours of class time with Mary and other local herbal teachers

-Herbal Foundations Online 6 month program, containing education
-Level 1 Herbal Foundations Certificate
-Daily activities/ plant walks, swimming, exploring the area.
-Food/ 3 healthy meals (gluten free, vegan available). 
-Camping or indoor shared room
-Fun! Dance, laugh and hang with Mary and her crew 🙂

Herbal Foundations- 6 month program

We are currently accepting students for:

  • Herbal Foundations- Summer Session 2023
    1 Saturday per month-   Saturdays 10am-4pm

    May 20, June 17, July 15, August 5, September 2, October 14

The Herbal Foundations Certificate Program is our most popular program. This program is a series of classes focused on the how-to of Western Herbalism.

This class is taught by Farmacy's own Mary Blue. She has been teaching this class 2- 3x per year since 2006.

This class takes place at Farmacy Herbs, 28 Cemetery Street, Providence, RI, 02904

This program offers the student:

Everyday uses of over 50 plants and introduces concepts of nutritional healing. Plant walks (season dependent and herbal garden activities. 
Herbal protocols for: dental health, immune health, endocrine health, digestive health, reproductive health, respiratory health. Herbal Protocols for: Elders, children, Transgender, and health/herbal support for specific imbalances. 
It covers: In-depth coverage of herbal actions and herbal terminology, regulatory and legal guidelines, local plant ID, herbal first aid, dosages, and herbal body system support. 
The how-to of: Concepts of solvency and medicine making: decoctions/infusions, tincturing, syrups, salves, linaments, creams, poultices, infused oils, flower essences.


Class size is around 15-18 people.
This is a hands on program focused on Western Herbalism terminology and the technical aspects of herbal medicine making.
Throughout this program, the student is encouraged to work with herbs to address health imbalances or to just improve health.
This program offers a Level 1 Herbalism certificate of completion.

This program comes with:

  • Samples of herbal products made in class (tinctures, salves, poultices, syrups, herbs)
  • Access to Herbal Foundations Online; 20 hours of video lectures, questionnaires, and notes
  • Mary Blue's Herbal Foundation book
  • A "Certificate of Herbal Education"
  • In class herbal formulation and exercises
  • Hands-on training, garden time (weather/ season permitting)


Session 1- May 20-28, 2023

Session 2- August 4-12, 2023

GET HANDS ON EXPERIENCE with real herbalists!!

  • Spend a week working with Mary and her team!
  • Spend time at the herb shop, making medicine, on the farm and in classes! 
  • SPACE LIMITED- 2 participants per session

Price is $1000 per session. 


Sunday 11:30-5pm

Level 2 Herbal Class at Farmacy Herbs

Monday 10am-5pm

Work at the herb shop making medicine with herbalist Narcissa Segura.

Tuesday 10am-4pm

Work at the herb farm with Mary Blue and her crew! Be in a dance video with us (optional)! Dinner with Mary at her farm! 

Wednesday 10am-5pm

AM-Observe Marys herbal consultations- Learn about the formulas she is giving to her clients.

Thursday 10am-5pm 

AM-Work at the herb shop with Mary Blue! Help customers and make herbal products. 
PM-Work at the herb shop with herbalist Erin Soule. 

Friday 10am-5pm 

Work at the herb shop with herbalist Erin Soule! Help customers and make herbal products. 


 Herbal Foundations Program at the farm with Mary Blue

Email us to set up an interview to see if this program is right for you! farmacyherbinfo@gmail.com


"I would highly recommend Herbal Foundations for those who are interested in learning about herbal medicine in a non judgmental environment with diverse classmates. The instructor, Mary Blue, was thorough with covering lesson plans and was attentive to all students questions."

Tarshire Battle- Providence, RI, Community organizer, mental health professional, artist, and political

“Mary’s Herbal Foundations Program was full of new friendships, exploring nature and making medicine. Being able to immerse myself into a  routine of plant walks, harvesting and medicine experimentation gave me the inspiration and confidence to harvest and create remedies on my own. The provided workbook allowed me to be in the moment during the lectures while providing the important information for me to absorb at a later time. Mary welcomed us into her farm and created a comfortable and safe space for a bunch of strangers to learn about herbs, health and nature, and created a wonderful community of budding herbalists to help each other learn.”

Alexi Widoff, 
Tiverbon, RI, farmer

Attending Herbal Foundations with Mary Blue (aka Apothecary Mary) was a life changing experience for me. Mary organically curated a sacred and safe space that allowed all of the women in attendance to bring their authentic selves to be fully present in this experiential learning process. Mary has a demonstrated commitment to her work as a healer, educator, and social justice advocate. Through her Herbal Foundations course; Level One, I obtained a solid base of knowledge that has prepared me to enter the world of herbalism along with a strong desire to further my studies. I highly recommend any herbalist course with Mary for anyone wanting to expand their awareness, connect with other dope and like minded souls, and breathe in some fresh air and good vibes on the farm."

Kaneesha Allen-
Houston, TX, Mom

"Farmacy Herbs is a beautiful community, a learning sanctuary, and a group of inspiring and informing individuals that are truly knowledgeable for anyone looking to begin or further develop their experience in herbalism.  The classes are both engaging and informative, and really provide a strong basis to understanding the many fundamentals of herbal medicine.  The was an amazing opportunity, spent with like-minded individuals in the most serene setting anyone could dream of.  The whole week was filled with growth, learning, joy, laughter, adventures and beauty.  It was the perfect balance of class lecture, hands-on projects, guest speakers, wilderness adventures, sharing and relaxing.  It was a joy spending time meeting new people from all over,  and developing our personal growth together.  It was a great opportunity to learn on a farm that flourished with all the herbs surrounding you, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the entire experience.  I highly recommend to anyone interested in developing their self, learning about herbalism, or building a community.  There are not many times in life when you can be fully immersed in the present moment with such joy. So thankful for the Farmacy family and all that I have learned and experienced, along with all the beautiful people I have met on this journey!"

Allissa Bessette - Coventry, RI

Marys herbal programs feel like home! I have been traveling from Baltimore since 2018! I come every summer and soak up all the herbal education, community and fun!

I have since opened up my own herbal apothecary in Baltimore, called "Hue's Herbal Apothecary"!  Mary's classes have given me the confidence I needed to start my own business and support my community with herbalism. When I first started coming to Mary's programs I didn't even know how to pronounce the word "tincture"!!

These classes will change your life! 

Ejama McNeil -
Baltimore, MD, owner, Hue's Apothecary