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→ You may be trying to heal your body from pharmaceutical use and chronic disease, and want to use all the tools in the toolbox 💊
→You may be trying to figure out how to clear up your skin naturally, but haven't had success 😫 
→You may be trying to get pregnant, but you are still not pregnant, and want to support your body with herbs 😔
→You may have tried meditation to help with sleep and stress, but you still need coffee every morning to wake up and then the coffee makes you stressed and irritated, and then you need something to lower your stress 😡

The Fine Print:

  • Mary Blue’s and her teams herbal consultations are not intended to replace medical care.
  • Herbal consultations are educational, and are not intended to treat disease, but support health.
  • Each consultation will come with a recommended daily tea, tincture, nutritional/lifestyle changes, and, if needed, a topical herbal formula.
  • The cost of herbs is not included in the consultation price. The price of herbs ranges from $70 – $100 for one month of herbs. You can order your formula from either Farmacy Herbs or your local herbalist.

The Consult:

  • Complete paperwork: Consent and Disclosure Form and Health Questionnaire.
  • Pay for the consultation (24 hour refund policy) $150 . 
  • Book a video call to receive your herbal formula (½ hour call with Mary Blue or one of her trained herbalists). The herbalist will go over your personalized formula, and make natural health recommendations for health support.
  • Procure your herbal formula from Farmacy Herbs or your local herbalist.
  • Schedule a follow up call, if needed.

The initial herbal formula created will focus on health history and health patterns.  During the consultation mental, emotional and physical patterns will be considered when formulating a personalized herbal blend.

Please be as detailed as you can in the Health Questionnaire! An herbal protocol can last anywhere from 1 month - 2 years. Our herbalists often recommend, after health balance is achieved, a tonic blend to support health and prevent disease.

Our blends are based on:
* a client’s particular health needs
* protocol compliance
* the herb’s availability
* extraction methods of herbs

The follow-up:
* It is your responsibility to book a follow-up.
* The first follow-up is done by phone 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation.
*Clients are encouraged to contact us if the need arises. Many clients see our herbalists for years, recommending herbal formulas for any health needs that might come up.

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We respect your privacy! Information is transmitted and stored under HIPPA Compliance.

At no time will we ever sell or use your personal information in an unethical manner.

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