Mary Blue’s Herbal Foundations

A Guide to Utilizing Medicinal Herbs Effectively

This book contains:

  • Herbal Actions A-Z

A complete overview of Herbal Actions… Learn the ins and outs of “herbal actions”, their correlating herbs & constituents, and an in-depth breakdown of how and when to use each herbal action.

  • The How-To of Herbal Medicine Making

Decoctions/infusions, tincturing, syrups, salves, liniments, creams, poultices, infused oils, and other techniques.

  • Medicinal Recipes

Tinctures, Salves, Syrups and more!

  • Nutritional Healing Techniques

Including herbal first aid, dosages, and herbal body system support.

  • The Little Details of Western Herbalism

Storage, Dosage, Energetics, Plant Signatures, Latin Names, Basic Constituents, Solvency and more!

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